Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Super Request with Rosie Beat-her-head-in

Sup, again
Since my holidays consists of rain, playing pokemon, hoarding things, losing things, and playing "world of warcraft" (see: i am a loser) i decided that two blog posts in x amount of days is Totally Ok.

HERE IS, A 'short' list of "albums I look forward to in 2011." In no particular order.
- Hercules and Love Affair. Uhhh there is a video for the first single on the interwebs somewhere and it's pretty much regular faire for hercs, which is Good With Me. DISCO DISCO. Qs regarding hercy: is "Hercules and Love Affair" the most homo-sounding band name in existence? Is "hercules and love affair" THE most "homo" band name in existence? Disco disco?
- Patrick Wolf. If you follow patrick wolf on twitter you would have treated with this gem:

Hes engaged! To be maRried!!!!! KrAzY!!!!
Apparently no one else finds this as amusing as I do, which only disappoints me, 24 hours a day, 364 days a year (I have A Birthday, you guys.) The little symbol in the top left of the tweet means that I favourited it AND retweeted it. THAT'S THE MOST LOVE YOU CAN POSSIBLY SHOW A TWEET.Anyway, his album is apparently going to be called "Lupercalia," which is the best possible album title for someone named Patrick Wolf. And it will probably be ridiculous. YES.

- PJ Harvey. Her album coming out is called "Let England Shake." Remember back in ___ber (name of month) that the weird song leaked with her wearing a batshit-crazy hat on TV and strumming on an autoharp which was totally out of tune with the "Take me back to Constantinople!" sample playing? What. The fuck. This album will blow chunks/be amazing.
I actually found an image of that what-the-fuck moment as described above:

"~~i'm peejay and i'm jus belting shit out regardless of anything ever POTATOES~~"

MEN. Because I find JD Samson oddly attractive. I say oddly because she is a woman with a moustache.
Lupe Fiasco. His album is going to be called LASERS or L.A.S.E.R.S or some shit. I don't know. I love him. Have you listened to The Cool? It's so cool. Also anyone that knows me in real life will vouch for my ability to swoon over lasers. Seriously. Sometimes people take photos of lasers and tag me in them on Facebook.

The Streets. I think I have a crush on Mike Skinner even though he is kind of gross. Also I don't mind the newer "omg I have feelings" Streets albums over the "omg I'm so english!!!11 chips" older Streets albums. And the new one has the word "Blues" in the title, so it's going to have soooo many feelings.

~~~~~~---- The following are ones that I don't actually think are confirmed to have albums coming out:

Bjork. Apparently there is a Bjork album coming out this year. But, like Radiohead, I think 'they' say there is a Bjork album coming out every year. Nonetheless, if a Bjork album DOES come out this year, I'm on it. I'll learn all the not-great-english lyrics and wail along like a, uh, minnow.
"~~~i am bjork soh-reee i did-uh ze sneezingks~~~"

Aphex Twin. Apparently in an interview he said he had made like six million albums. I don't know why I am including him on this list, I am kind of "over him" and don't really like his stuff apart from the selected ambient works collections??? What??? UHH

Japandroids. For some reason I suspect these bros will release something in 2011. Call me psychic, or call it "band-wanting-to-remain-profitable." WHATEVS. Remember how great Post-Nothing was :'(

Any of the 5038 bands featuring Spencer Krug.

I Love You But I've Chosen Darkness. This band basically don't exist and just put out one album ever and I am so confused about anything related to them ever. BUT they have totally awesome songs on that album. Also, the worst band name ever.

I can't even remember what that album came out. SIGHS. DISAPPEARING BANDS, WHERE ARE YOU, MISS U

I'm going to leave it at that. Appaz we have probs with people commenting :'( soz. I don't know how to fix it. You can tweet at me or something.

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