Wednesday, February 23, 2011

techre it up

Autechre recently released an anthology collection type thing of all of their EPs from 1991 through to 2002 and so I have been working through those and also visiting OL' FAVOURITES.

For those of y'all unfamiliar with Autechre (apparently pronounced however you like, I go for "or-tekker") they are a couple of dudes who make music that basically sounds like a spaceship. Foreals. This is one of the highlights of the bajillion tracks on the anthology so far, listen to it and you will understand what I mean with my spaceship comment:

THAT'S FROM 1997. This piece of high-tech song was made when Hanson' Mmm-bop was in the charts. Basically since then Autechre have abandoned melody/earth/rhythm at all and started making stuff that sounds like this:

I kind of imagine that "Fol3" is what a semi-underwater transformer battle would sound like. Bad. Ass. The warpy noise introduced at about 33 seconds is incredible. SWOON.
However, I understand that random electronic/robot noises aren't really everyone's anyone's cup of tea so for you who have the Noise Fear, stick to the earlier albums. Incunabula, Amber and especially Tri Repetae have amazing sounds without losing the concept of beat. In my opinion the least friendly albums are Confield and Draft 7.30... It's good to note that with their last couple of albums they are 'bringing it back' to some straightforward roots. Check out latest album Oversteps compared to recent Untilted for example.

ALSO WORTH NOTING are Autechre's album covers. THEY ARE AMAZING.:

SO ANYWAY. If you have patience and a know when to pay attention when something is Important I recommend checking out Autechre's EP anthology. If you're completely new however, start with the album Tri Repetae. Eventually you, like me, will enjoy Autechre, and potentially become a robot. Or at least a person who is appreciative of random noises.

Autechre's EP Anthology 1991-2002 gets 7 Lukes out of 10!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Cloud Somethins

Jay Reatard may have passed away, but if you're longing for the kind of upbeat pop-punk he crafted, look no further than probably-huge-but-I-don't-realise-it band Cloud Nothings.
I only just managed to get around to listening to their album and I'm already addicted to this shit. Me to the Cloud Nothings album is like a guinea pig to it's hiding place- frequently there, if not, eating or something.Poor analogy.

~~~I dun have a hartbeat~~~ - Cloud Nothings "glasses" dude

If you were a fish, this album would be perfect for those times that you expertly maneuvre through a small hole in a log, or the 30 second frenzy after you get fed 7-8 pellets of fish food. It's that good! ANIMALS.

If you don't have pet fish, I totally recommend it. One is called John West a la popular tuna brand, the other is called Charles. because Freddy Ruppert suggested it, and if Freddy Ruppert suggests something to you, just do it. Unless he encourages you to murder someone, or something else illegal. This seems unlikely, he is a pretty good guy.

Uhhh. So yeah, Cloud Nothings. Turn it on and turn your brain off and listen to it on repeat a lot.

Cloud Nothing's self titled album gets 7 Lukes out of 10

PJ Harvey's "Let England Shake"
Tapes 'n Tapes' "Outside"
Young Galaxy's "Shapeshifting"

Monday, February 7, 2011