Friday, August 27, 2010

"after i saw this, i immediately cut all of my shirts in half"

Apparently I am a bit behind on this one,


~Die Antwoord~

"we r fre$h as _____ (insert south african slang)"

This group of people from South Africa are making music under the name Die Antwoord which apparently means "the answer" in WelshAfrikaans. The guy with no shirt on with that "a woman is more dangerous than a gun" tattoo is called "NINJA," the chick with the weird haircut is called "Yo-Landi VI$$ER" and they have a guy who owns a PC COMPUTER called DJ Hi-tek. TRAILER TRASH FROM SOUTH AFRICA TAKES OFF!

To be honest I only really enjoyed two point five songs from their album called $o$, those being "Wat Pomp," "Wat Kyk Jy?" and "Beat Boy." The rest are pretty shit/cheesy. It basically consists of massive Euro synthesizer beats with bizzaro South African rapping. Beat Boy goes for eight minutes and seems to be about a woman turning into a man and then turning back into a woman.

PERHAPS THIS VIDEO SUMS IT UP THE BEST (jus wait for the beat to drop :O!)

Good luck getting "Beat boy! Beat boy! Hit that perfect beat boy!" out of yr head.

VERDICT, Die Antwoord: what the fuck.

I also recommend searching for the youtube video of them performing Wat Kyk Jy in a taxi.

Friday, August 20, 2010


For the past few months I have been periodically watching a show called BUBBLEGUM CRISIS TOKYO 2040 (that is the real title)
It includes visuals such as these below:

As of just now I am halfway through the series. Basically some chicks called Priss, Neigh-Neigh, Leena and Sylia Swordfish (may be some typos here/I hope their names are not this retarded) run around in robot suits and kill other robots who have miraculously grown hearts. Or some shit. There is some overdramatic plot about a corporation and a space station and some epic earthquake that hit Tokyo but I really only watch it for the images of fish swimming interspersed with machinery (see above). Also, the character Priss is the singer in some band and they are awful in both the japanese and english dubs. Lols ensue.

Also also, the soundtrack has some totally badass ambient pieces, such as this one:

Maybs will update y'all when I finish the series... If I ever do.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

m' dear

As per most(?) music-interested-fools like myself, I am easily persuaded to give things a go based on high numerical values. Such as, an over-8 score by Pitchfork Media. Especially when they're for an artist I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF (for extra cred points). The whole situation is pretty embarassing and/or ridiculous BUT OCCASIONALLY it leads to some winner finds!


"hi2u i am m dear, funky brothas and sistas!!!!1 ---HAIR GEL---"

Matthew Dear's album BLACK CITY (pronounced "sittayyyyy!") is some hella fresh shit y'all. I listened to it, and then sent a text to my disinterested housemate saying "Matthew Dear's new album has some of the freshest tracks of 2010!" or something along those lines. He replied with a text about chill teenwave or something along those lines. Clearly much pisstaking was to be had.

So anyway the songs are pretty funky. I am reminded of YACHT's last album and David Bowie's Low, and then in the song "soil to seed" he sings what sounds like "I like to copy worn copy," which made me think of ARIEL PINK. Also, sometimes the falsetto backup parts are kind of Liars-esque. It's a HOT MESS of sound, you might say.

"salutations. i am ariel pink. jus hangin' in the graveyard with no shirt on. contrary to popular opinion my best album is "the doldrums" and not that "before today" shit. did you not listen to the song among dreams? good kids make bad grownups? for kate i wait? the one about a pilot? THAT'S RIGHT, TAKE BEFORE TODAY BACK AND JUS LISTEN TO THE DOLDRUMS"


Back to M Dear. My favourite songs are the ones that have the most ridiculous lyrics/all of them.
Examples of ridiculous lyrics from this album:
"Love me like a clown" - Black City
"I, I'm a monkey" - Monkey
"Babababababa" - Slowdance
"Big black (car/dancefloor/ship/everything in this song is described as big and black)" - You Put a Smell On Me.

Finally, the last song made me feel the blues a lil' so you know there is at least some emotional resonance at work here as well.

Bad, early 00's Paintshop Pro album cover aside, Matthew Dear - Black City scores

That's pretty good yo

Sunday, August 8, 2010


you will always be a loser you will always be a loser you will always be a loser