Thursday, July 22, 2010


Don't feel like writing too much about this one. Kind of like Cat Power circa You Are Free but with a dude, and no guitars, and not as clean sounding.
I'll let this song do the proverbial talking.

My personal favourites are the title track, "Mr. Peterson," and "Lookout, Lookout."

Learning by Perfume Genius gets
jus listen y'all

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So I hope y'all heard (non-google friendly, non-tasteful-name friendly) /\/\ /\ Y /\. I'VE READ SOME BAD THINGS YOU GUYS.

"Hi 2 u, I am MAYA, I got prehensile hair, and I think blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah"

So anyway some of the songs on /\/\ /\ Y /\ are totally off-the-hook awesome. I think it would be wise to listen to it with approx. 16 speakers. HOWEVS I will agree with tha h8ers that some songs fall a bit flat. For the purpose of the good/bad breakdown I will ignore opening track "The Message," because it is short. And awesome. -IPHONE CONNECTED TO THA INTERNET CONNECTED TO THA GOOGLE CONNECTED TO THA GOVERNMENT-

THERE ARE DRILLS IN Steppin' Up. It's almost like I'm listening to a really angry Micachu, who suddenly has a gun and subba subba sub.
Lovalot (for the part where she goes IF I B THE F WHO THE F B THE I)
It Takes a Muscle is a p nice ballady type thing I think. Though I have recently discovered it is a cover from some random synthpop band what.
Born Free is still insanely fun to listen to really loudly. GOD WHOEVER U R COME OUT WHEREVER U RRRRRRRR

Teqkilla I liked initially but I think it is like 3 minutes too long. And kind of tacky. I'm OK with XXXO but not this one, because I have double standards like that.
Story to be Told (snoooozer), It Iz What It Iz (I don't even know), Tell Me Why (because it sucks, that is why) all kind of blur together as bland auto-tuney things in my head. This might not be accurate descriptions of these songs because I am not actually listening to them right now but shut up.

WHAT MAY NOT BE TOO CLEAR IS THAT I enjoy the majority of the albummmm. Steppin' Up I think is on par with Bamboo Banga for M.I.A. blasting you in the face with the freshest shit going.
/\/\ /\ Y /\ gets like 6.5 Lukes out of 10

Thursday, July 15, 2010

u woke me uppppp

So there's this guy, Andrew Bird. He plays violin as his thing or whatever. I don't mind the odd Andrew Bird song you guys! My favourites are Anonanimal and Masterfade and Simple X.
So I was jus' about to hit the hay, reading some Questionable Contenttt (the comic, not actual questionable content) when something pretty damn fine tickled my ears.
Apparently I have some random Andrew Bird EP/album thing on my computer called Useless Creatures, which according to Wickedpedia was originally bundled with Noble Beast. It is made up of instrumental noodlings.
ANYWAY pt. 2
This song is amazing. It's called "You Woke Me Up!." I managed to find it on youtube as the backing track for some dude's photos. Whatever. Just listen. VIOLINS AS BUTTERFLIES YOU GUYS

Soon I plan to write aboot my amazing pet fish, John West, and a show that is actually called Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Comic Foxhole #2

no. 2: "brooch"

Friday, July 2, 2010


So I was listening to the latest release from non-google-friendly , non-tasteful-name-friendly band "Women," jus chillin', doing my 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of an autumnal lake scene. Then I decided it was one of the most boring things I had ever heard and I turned it off.

So "Women"
a) change yr band name
b) make good/better songs
c) change yr song titles so they are less 'narrow with the hall' and more 'venice lockjaw.' And probs don't include the word "Strain" in yr album titles again.

"hay we r women (band not gender) and we wish our music was as exciting as this photograph!!!! PHOTOGRAPH BELIES MUSICAL CONTENT"

TO BE COMPLETELY FAIR I only ever liked one song off their last album which was obtusely titled "Women" also. That song was called "Lawncare" and none of their other songs ever seemed to sound the same. Maybs I just have THE WRONG IDEA on "Women" (the band, and also maybe the gender???)

So anyway I got like 4 tracks in ("Penal Colony" was the last, very tepid straw) and then decided I would just listen to Broken Social Scene instead. Maybe Women should listen to Broken Social Scene in order to learn how to make good songs despite an unwise band name choice.

Women - Public Strain (lol) gets 2 LUKES OUT OF 10 (they are sympathetic Lukes, also I really liked that Lawncare song from their old album. Though I'm not sure why that would contribute to a score for this album. "What's up with that?")