Monday, November 29, 2010

Best I Evah Had - 2010

So ‘cause my blog bro decided to start his 2010 BEST OF U lists, I figured I should probs contribute also.

Making end of year lists is undoubtedly the best thing about making it thru another year.

These songs were picked in p shambolic fashion, are in no order, and Luke stole a lot of good ones but here goesssss:

1. Chem bros – Swoon

Missed u chem bros. This is a p underrated album, especially by me, but erryone can enjoy Swoon I think. One of their best singles in recent memory. I remember the first time I heard it was when I burnt a copy of the LEAKED (omg!) new chem bros album and drove around enjoying the choonage, all the while texting Luke being all ‘omg I luv this song!!1!!’ Drive safe, dudes.

2. Wavves – Mickey Mouse

As I’m typing this I’m listening to the Wavves album and realizing I should’ve put it on my albums list, but meh. Wavves is just like a ‘fun’ band, like my japandroids for 2010 I guess. And this song is probs the most ‘fun’ from King of the Beach. If you don’t have this album, get it. Nthn Wllms writes some mad good pop choons. This song doesn't have a proper video (yet) so enjoy the above clip of some 'mad bros' chillin' and longboardin'

3. Sufie – Impossible Soul

Another bro who just missed out on my albums thang. Sorry Sufie, luv u. Even tho lots of people may disagree, it’s my fave song from Adz. It just has EVERYTHING, it’s like Sufie was just like ‘man, fuck my career’ and did whatever he wanted for 25 minutes. It goes so quickly from FREAKOUT! to oddly heartwarming to suddenly, autotune! You don't really know what to expect at any point. It wraps up with a disco-ish style love song wherein Sufie finally reveals his love of the male anatomy (boy, we CAN do much more together). Then, we reach the 25 minute mark with Sufie gently plucking his banjo like the Sufie of old. Probs the pinnacle of his career, and defs the centerpiece of Adz (despite being at the end). Also, I think we can all agree on our fave lyric of 2010: Stupid man in the windowww I couldn’taaaayyyeeeeaaaaaaiiiiiiireeeaaaaaaaassssss

Youtube only has 10 minute long videos (altho sometimes they do go longer - what's up with that?!) so the above video is Sufie performing this live in all it's glory. Watch out at 2.30 for some srs shredz!

Stay chooned for (Body Talk) Pt. 2!

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  1. Shittt I completely forgot about Swoon, winnarr! Defs incited "ommagaw THIS SONG" text messages.
    lols at the mickey mouse video. It was kind of sad. Who are these people? I love that wavves songs are so upbeat but the lyrics are about dying n shitz. </3 wavves. King of the Beach is definitely going to be on my albums list.. I'm torn over sufjy's :S