Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Snoop Dogg's Beautiful = Snoop Dogg's Signs?

WELCOME to "random thoughts post" #3(?).

1. Have you heard Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell - Beautiful? It's pretty good!. While I was discussing this with blog co-author ramey I was reminded of Snoop Dogg ft. Justin Timberlake - Signs. THEY'RE P MUCH THE SAME SONG YOU GUYS. YouTube it. I'm right.

2. I just read on ABC News about some divers who were lost at sea for several hours or some shit. Although they were safely rescued, their boat sank. But, someone just recovered a camera from the event, and there are some 'choice snaps' of an apparently dramatic sea-rescue. I don't really get if this is big news or not but I quite like this "recovered phote":


It sort of looks like it could be a chillwave album cover a la Washed Out's Life of Leisure:

3. I recently had a discussion(/argument) with a friend about, uh, I'm not sure what specifically, but I know it definitely had something to do with music taste. It was after approx 2 bottles of wine on my end. But. I remember in particular being caught up on the idea of 'when to stop.' As in, when do you stop actively seeking out music to listen to? Is there ever a stage of giving in/up or emotional resolution where new artists/albums/songs are not sought out? (Not including those thrust upon us by mainstream media.)

I'd like to think that there is no such thing as being satisfied musically, but there seem to be people around who have reached this. Unless I'm just being a huge snob and underestimating everyone and everything.

4. Latest listenings:

-Warpaint: The Fool. P damn good. Reminds me a bit of the Australian band called Beaches.
-Antony and the Johnsons: Swanlights, still.
-N.E.R.D.: Nothing. There are ~4 good songs on this. I quite like N.E.R.D. so I'm a little disappointed with this album.
-Rollins Band.: I know the music is awful, awful "big dumb rock" but, I think songs like "I Feel Like This" or "Lonely" manage to be amazing despite being so shit. Panic at the Sight of Henry Rollins!
-Also, anything electronic Chilligan's Island music a la Gold Panda, Prefuse 73, Flying Lotus' L.A. album.

5. Sunset Rubdown dethroned Sonic Youth at the top of my charts. I've been on that site for like 5 fucken years and this has never happened. LUV U SPENCEY KRUG

6. Here is a YouTube to finish upppp. This song is by a band(?) called The Foreign Exchange. The album kind of reminds me of Blue Lines-era Massive Attack, which is a good thing. This song is so nice, and successfully makes me feel bitter about heteronormative relationships, HA. The video seems to be a bit of a downer though, I'm not sure what their interpretation of the song is there.

Peace out y'all