Friday, July 2, 2010


So I was listening to the latest release from non-google-friendly , non-tasteful-name-friendly band "Women," jus chillin', doing my 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle of an autumnal lake scene. Then I decided it was one of the most boring things I had ever heard and I turned it off.

So "Women"
a) change yr band name
b) make good/better songs
c) change yr song titles so they are less 'narrow with the hall' and more 'venice lockjaw.' And probs don't include the word "Strain" in yr album titles again.

"hay we r women (band not gender) and we wish our music was as exciting as this photograph!!!! PHOTOGRAPH BELIES MUSICAL CONTENT"

TO BE COMPLETELY FAIR I only ever liked one song off their last album which was obtusely titled "Women" also. That song was called "Lawncare" and none of their other songs ever seemed to sound the same. Maybs I just have THE WRONG IDEA on "Women" (the band, and also maybe the gender???)

So anyway I got like 4 tracks in ("Penal Colony" was the last, very tepid straw) and then decided I would just listen to Broken Social Scene instead. Maybe Women should listen to Broken Social Scene in order to learn how to make good songs despite an unwise band name choice.

Women - Public Strain (lol) gets 2 LUKES OUT OF 10 (they are sympathetic Lukes, also I really liked that Lawncare song from their old album. Though I'm not sure why that would contribute to a score for this album. "What's up with that?")

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