Thursday, July 15, 2010

u woke me uppppp

So there's this guy, Andrew Bird. He plays violin as his thing or whatever. I don't mind the odd Andrew Bird song you guys! My favourites are Anonanimal and Masterfade and Simple X.
So I was jus' about to hit the hay, reading some Questionable Contenttt (the comic, not actual questionable content) when something pretty damn fine tickled my ears.
Apparently I have some random Andrew Bird EP/album thing on my computer called Useless Creatures, which according to Wickedpedia was originally bundled with Noble Beast. It is made up of instrumental noodlings.
ANYWAY pt. 2
This song is amazing. It's called "You Woke Me Up!." I managed to find it on youtube as the backing track for some dude's photos. Whatever. Just listen. VIOLINS AS BUTTERFLIES YOU GUYS

Soon I plan to write aboot my amazing pet fish, John West, and a show that is actually called Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.

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