Monday, June 14, 2010

This tea tastes bad

We have heard some rumours that there is some bad red rope licorice in the crowd!
So excited that my pal "ramey" has started blogging, I feel the pressure lifting off me like the lid being gently eased from a high pressure container.

For the un"knowing" The Drums are some dudes who sing songs a la Morrissey On The Beach. Contrary to popular misconceptions, they don't have any drums in their songs, only shitty drum machines. You may know them from that "OBAMAAAAAA, I WANNA GO SURFINNNN" song?

(disclaimer: I stole this image from a blog called "Coconut Girl Wireless." Seems to be about American politics/surfing/being a coconut girl/"tropical enlightenment between sessions"? The latest entry defends surfers against stonerdom by presenting stoner art. What.)


WARNING: to enjoy the latest album from THE DRUMS you will need
a) to be dating a pansy/to be a pansy yrself
b) wear cardigans
c) take polaroids of sunsets with yr pansy partner/pansy self
d) be a parody of yrself in general

"Hey we are not pansies we jus like 2 pout and we <3 u morrisseee!"

HAVING SAID THIS AND NOT BEING A PANSY, I do kind of enjoy "Skippin' town" and "Down by the water."

In general tho I give The Drums: The Drums

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