Monday, June 21, 2010

Flippin u a V

"Hi I amv Nathanv VViliams and I vse too many v's in evverything I tvpe evver."

Not going to lie, I was a sucker for the past two albums by Nvthvn "Wavves" Willivms. Every second song title contained either "weed," "goth," "beach," or all of the above and it pretty much sums up the entire listening experience. And there are letter v's all over the fucking place what the fuck.
So while Wavves (album 1) and Wavvves (album 2) were great what was going to happen with WavvvvesKing of the Beach (album 3)??? I'm not even joking these are actually the names of the albums.

The A to the Q is that it basically kicks assss. Mr. Wavves belts out songs about the beach and like, drugs and shit. And they get stuck in yr head and its awesome.

Recommended for fans of Wavves, Wavves, Wavvves, Nathan Williams. Didn't he do that TDNRNSS thing as well? What the fuck is going on with this guy's naming solutions?
DON'T B FOOLED THIS IS Not recommended for fans of Devvendra Banhart.

I really like "Take on the World," "Baseball Cards," "Green Eyes," "Mickey Mouse" I AM BASICALLY LISTING EVERY SONG

Wavves - King of the Beach gets
8 Lukes out of 10

...The Noise Is has a handy link hint hint

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  1. going to try it out cause you gave it 8 lukes...did you see I gave daybreakers 7 lukes out of 10