Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Twenny Legz

Oh hi, blog. I did not hit her, etc. It's been a while. I guess 2011, to me, has been kind of average, music-wise. There's been lots of anticipation for big-name releases (Radiohead! Panda Bear! Death Cab! Drake!) all of which have been kind of.. I don't know. Nothing from this year has really had staying power, for me.
Having said that though, I found myself halfway through the list of tracks for voting in Triple J's Hottest 100 and saw that I had over 20 songs shortlisted (for a possible 10 to vote for). So, maybe there have been some killer tracks this year at least.
Here are my "top 25" I suppose! Relevant (p.s. read Natalie Dee, it is a great thing to read):

25. Limit To Your Love by James Blake.
24. Reach a Bit Further by Wild Beasts
23. The Words That Maketh Murder by PJ Harvey
22. Wake Me When It's Over by Terius Nash (The-Dream)
21. No Church in The Wild by The Throne ft. Frank Ocean
20. The Bay by Metronomy.
19. Nightcall by Kavinsky and Lovefoxxx
18. You Da One by Rihanna
17. City Grrl by C.S.S.
16. Countdown by Beyonce
15. Stolen Thong, a mashup of Stolen Dog by Burial and Thong Song by Sisqo
14. Far Nearer by Jamie xx
13. Time of My Life by Patrick Wolf
12. How Deep Is Your Love? by The Rapture
11. Take Care by Drake ft. Rihanna

10. Contact High by Architecture in Helsinki.
Pop song brilliance etc. Probably the greatest pop chorus I've heard in a long time.

09. The Morning by The Weeknd.
This is my favourite Weeknd song. (Someone pointed out to me that perhaps it is pronounced "ween'd" as in a silent k and now I can't get that out of my head.) Anyway. The Morning is smooth as hell and catchy and makes you feel cool. It makes you feel good about being hungover, if you ever are.

08. Rano Pano by Mogwai.
Big. The best tune on their pretty good album from this year.

07. Nasty by Spank Rock ft. Big Freedia.
Big Freedia is part of some underground gay dance/hip hop trend thing which I don't know about but is amazing. This is like everything a Spank Rock song needs to be. Perfect beats and dirty lyrics.

06. Alsatian Darn by Panda Bear.
FEELINGS. Also, I am an insatiable Panda Bear fanboiiii

05. Midnight City by M83.
Saxophone solo. Nothing to fault here. Would probably get the top spot if there weren't other songs I personally like more. Har har har.

04. 212 by Azealia Banks.
Insanely good. Did I mention that the white guy can get it? I heard a radio edit of this song and it was pretty atrocious. Like. Okay I get that there is swearing in it but censorship of this song is useless just play the C Word All Round The World.

03. Only Girl (In The World) by Xiu Xiu.
I don't have anything to say here. Have you heard it? I should mention that tracks with some sort of Rihanna association have shown up in my list no less than 3 times. Great job, Rihanna!

02. It's Real by Real Estate.
It's alllll in that otherworldly "Oh~~~."

01. Thinking About You by Frank Ocean.
This song is incredible. Frank Ocean & his album are incredible. This song pretty much sums up my taste in music for the year, and it's great, so it's #1 on my list. Congratulations Frank Ocean ya dingus.

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